About Vinyasa Flow yoga

What is Vinyasa Flow yoga?

Vinyasa Flow yoga is a type of yoga where we move on the breath in a flow. It is sometimes described as the union of breath and movement.
Vinyasa Flow is a part of Ashtanga yoga and is a dynamic type of yoga. You are flowing from one pose to the other in a sequence guided with your breath.

With this type of yoga you will strengthen your body and become more flexible. We stretch the body and the movements are linked with your breath, this way you will experience more peace and relaxation.

A Vinyasa Flow class is a great way to get out of your head and into your body.

Vinyasa Flow is an active practice and you will sweat during the flow. With adjustments this type of yoga can be done by most people.
If you follow a Vinyasa Flow class, please be aware of your own body and boundaries. Don’t compare yourself with others, during this practice you are here only for yourself.

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