About Yin yoga

What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a slow, loving and mindful practice where you get the opportunity to turn inward. For me Yin yoga is about cultivating patience and surrender. It is about becoming still and learning to be the observer of every sensation without holding on to it.

With Yin yoga you hold the poses for about 5 minutes and you focus on relaxation. Your muscles are at ease, your body is soft and the mind is clear. With the long hold poses we stimulate and hydrate the connective tissue (fascia) what makes you more flexible and also balances your energy. You can find connective tissue everywhere in the body, from head to toe. It is a framework that support, connect and protect every part of the entire body.

When we stimulate the connective tissue, the meridians also get stimulated. Meridians are a network of ‘energy channels’ in the body that are located next to connective tissue. Our life-energy (Prana) flows in these channels. Every meridian has a specific function in the body. Sometimes there can be too less or too much energy in the meridians caused by for example a blockage. When there is no balance in the meridian it can cause complaints.
With Yin yoga we hydrate and stimulate the connective tissue, the meridians get stimulated and the life-energy can flow freely again. You will feel healthier, more in balance and happier. 

Yin yoga is a quiet type of yoga and is suited for almost everyone, even if you have a physical limitation. It is a great way to create more balance in your daily life and to connect with your inner self.

Do you want to try a Yin yoga class with me? Every Wednesday evening at 7:30PM I am teaching a Yin yoga class at Island Yoga. You can find my weekly schedule here